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It is our endeavor to ensure all our esteemed customers are delighted customers and we would like to address all concerns and queries of our customers. We have put together a set of frequently asked questions for your benefit. If your query is not answered through this section then do not hesitate to call our call centre at +91-7977551154.

1) What are the benefits of buying seafood from Freshfishindia?

We are India's premier online ecommerce portal catering to Seafood lovers, providing the ease and flexibility of ordering Fresh Seafood online. We offer a wide range of fresh seafood unlike fish traders and fish mongers are able to supply seafood only during season. You are assured of 100% freshness and regularized pricing not subject to daily fluctuations. Our product comes with a guarantee of replacement of seafood if you are not satisfied.

2) What are the benefits available to Freshfishindia customers?

By being a registered FreshFishMumbai.com customer you are entitled to free information and recepies, free invitations to seafood cooking events, other discounts and promotions. We would also offer a personalized royalty program which gives you the option of collection of points and redemption towards free seafood. This would be enabled as a feature on our website soon.

3) What are the benefits of buying seafood from Freshfishindia?

We understand seafood and the nuances of keeping the seafood fresh till the time it's cooked to ensure hygiene and retain the best flavor. To achieve this we deliver the seafood in Thermal insulated specially made EPS boxes packed with ice to maintain optimum temperature till the time the fish is delivered. We have put in a lot of research and focus on this aspect as seafood if not maintained in the right environment deteriorates soon.

4) Why is Freshfishindia packaging different?

We provide the convenience of buying seafood online offering you the option of multiple modes of payment. We offer a wide range of fresh seafood delivered right at your doorstep with replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied unlike fish traders and fish mongers.

5) What are the various modes of payment?

As pioneers and India's premiere online ecommerce portal catering to Seafood lovers you can pay us using credit cards, debit cards, online internet banking or cash on delivery. 

6) Does Freshfishindia take bulk orders?

Yes, we can arrange special pricing and deliveries for bulk orders. Please call us on our call center number for special pricing on bulk orders.

7) Can I Place the order over on Phone?

Yes!! Simply call our call center number and place the order with our executive on phone. Mode of payment for all orders placed via telephone would be cash on delivery.

8) Do I need to create an account first before ordering online?

No, however we would strongly encourage creating your account on our portal to help us provide you a more personalized service. If you can spare 2 minutes to create an account you can view your past orders, present order status and many more.

9) Does FreshFishMumbai.com seafood have foul odor and fishy smell?

No, FreshFishMumbai.com only supplies the best and 100% freshest seafood. Foul odor is existent when the fish is of sub standard quality.

10) What is the delivery time after placing an order?

It is our constant endeavor to reduce the delivery time to a bare minimum. However, it could range from 45 minutes to a time convenient to the customer depending upon area. We will intimate you in case the delivery period exceed 4 hours. Presently we delivery only within Mumbai MMR region; however this facility would soon be expanded to cover other regions and cities within the country.

11) Are the seafood delivered by Freshfishindia guaranteed for 100% freshness and quality?

Yes, FreshFishMumbai.com seafood is guaranteed for 100% freshness and superior quality all products are purchased directly from the source and utmost precaution is taken to maintain the freshness.